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Friday, July 31, 2009

Street Cred

I got a photo I took of Nate put on Celtek's website.

check it out:

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Some more pics from Edinburgh.

Parliament Building

British Round-about

The Gathering - a new festival in Edinburgh

Whistle Binkies. A scene spot in Edinburgh

We found a babe. This is my friend Luci who went to Leeds and studied at Penn State for a semester.

Me and Wojtek

Quick Update

I`m currently sitting at an internet shop in Frankfurt Germany. The keyboards here are weird which makes it hard to type. unfortunately i havent been able to update because there is no wifi spots here, only these internet stores where you get to use outdated computers with odd keyboards.

I hope to get pictures posted soon from the rest of the time in Edinburgh and all the weirdness that is Amsterdam.

Next up is Nuremburg after this 2 hour pit stop in Frankfurt. I`ll spend the night there and then head to Prague tomorrow where I`ll be for a few days before heading to Krakow.


Friday, July 24, 2009


So I'm finally here in Europe staying with my cousin Wojtek. Totally enjoying it; he's been showing me around Edinburgh for the past few days. It's a pretty cool town, totally different from the US. It even reminds me of Poland sometimes with the architecture and the fact that about 8,000 Poles live there.

Edinburgh is filled with small pubs that only serve booze and sit less than 25 people.

Tons of great beers there to try. (beer snob warning) This one is not a Carlsberg, but actually called IPA. Its totally different than IPA's in the States though. Its not hoppy at all and has a tone of caramel I think. They serve it fairly warm as well.

They love whiskey here as well. Classic Scottish whiskeys are extremely aromatic. Try one of these then take a whiff of Jack Daniels or Famous Grouse. You won't be able to smell anything in comparison. They serve whiskey warm, straight up, and with maybe a splash of water to dilute it a bit. Nice to try but I can't quite say I'm a fan.

Walking down some of the streets I feel like I'm in an old Sherlock Holmes movie. Very low lit streets, and the lights are extremely yellow.

Ciggy break brah?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


After having some drinks that night we got up early (6am East Coast Time) to check out the city.

II love the street signs here. Its confusing to navigate because some roads will change names literally every 2 blocks.

We checked out Arthur's Seat, a 250 meter hill right in the middle of town. From up top you can see the entire city as well as the North Sea and surrounding countryside.

On the mountain you can see the snow-flex carpets for snowboarding. I didn't bring my stuff so I doubt I'll be testing it out.

Salisbury Crags bottom right. Rock Castle in the middle.

North Sea.

Queens Palace

Later we walked down to check out the rest of the city.

New Parliament Building. Apparently it was supposed to cost $50mil and ended up costing $500mil. Oops.

Wojtek checking out some art by the Parliment building.

Police. They dont have guns but can beat you with sticks. Good thing I'm not driving in Europe.

Speaking of cars, in England people drive on the left side of the road, obviously. This makes it very confusing to try to cross the road. The first time I jaywalked I was almost hit by a car because I was looking left instead of right. I pride myself in my street crossing abilities, but this new traffic really throws me off, especially at multi-intersections and round-abouts.

I'm trying to infect as many people as I can.

I love these phone booths.

We ran into a bunch of street performers on a Wednesday afternoon. I think there is some sort of festival coming up.

The architecture in old town is pretty cool. Reminds me a lot of Poland. Lots of churches. Narrow streets. Old dark stone buildings.

Royal Mile.

Rock Castle.

Meadow Park, just north of Wojtek's place. The grass here is amazing. The whole park is like a golf course (golf happens to be super popular here). The weather is perfect for it. Never gets below freezing in the winter, Mild in the summer, and consistent rain.

We found a dude!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm leaving for Europe Wednesday to do some more exploring and visiting family. I plan on updating as much as I can, so hopefully I'll have easy access to internet.

First stop is Edinburgh, UK where I plan on staying with my cousin, Wojtek. After that I'll travel through somewhere in Northern Europe before finishing up in Poland to visit the rest of my family. More updates to come

Monday, July 13, 2009


Photo I googled.

When we were in Utah, we drove through this beaten down town named Cisco. At the time we were pretty intrigued by a large sign boasting Cisco as the "Hydrocarbon Heaven". However, we didn't stop, possibly because of the delapidated buildings and likelihood of encountering meth dealers.

I have since come to learn of Cisco's infamy - Johnny Cash's "Cisco Clifton's Fillin Station" as well as a filming location for "Thelma and Louise". Well, I found another dude who drove through and took some pictures. Enjoy:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Far From the Family Farm

Ever wonder what has been going on in Nate's head throughout this trip? Well he's got his own blog going too. He's way gooder at the englishe languag then me, two, so check it out.

Monday, July 6, 2009

ST LOUIS: July 1-2 (Day 40-41)

For the last stop on our trip we went back into St Louis to visit my brother Matt and his wife Katie. Chris and his family were also in town for the 4th of July.

After waking up at a rest stop just west of Sioux Falls, we got out of South Dakota early in the morning to get to Matt's. It was a pretty boring drive, the highlight being probably all the road construction through Iowa or taking a detour through Omaha.

We kept going, falling behind schedule, when we stopped for gas right as we got into Missouri. Much to our suprise, there were huge fireworks stores blanketing the side of the interstate. Being almost the 4th of July, we stopped in and splurged.

After that we drove the rest of the way through Missouri pretty uneventfully.

We spent the next 2 nights with Matt and Katie, who had just come back from a 6 day rafting excursion in the Grand Canyon. They claim it was their best vacation ever, but I think they forgot about the time we went to Poland for New Year's together. Anywho, the second night I finally got around to taking some pics of the fam. Enjoy:

Kaj was being a buster all day, getting into trouble

So Chris sent him to bed

Matt showed off his cooking skills again with a diner of Bratworst, potatoes, beets, squash and microbrews

Food was delicious

So was the beer.


Welcome to it