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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Prague is an absolutely beautiful city. The most striking thing for me is the detail and ornamentation of everything around the city. From immense cathedrals with tedious and detailed mosaics to statue-esque street lights, everything in Praha is wrapped in artistic beauty.

Stairwell up St Nicholas's Cathedral

To be quite frank, I don't find the Czech's at all nice. Once out to dinner, I found our waitress roll our eyes at us on two occasions when trying to order. Even when I tried to speak some Czech they seemed less inclined to help. Perhaps they could hear my Polish accent. Some of my relatives really dislike the Czechs. I guess the feeling is mutual.

Despite all that, I would say that of the 3 1/2 stops I've had, Praha is my favorite. The beautiful city and great nightlife made it difficult to leave this morning. (2pm feels like morning when your out till sunrise everynight)

Here are some more pictures from day 2 when I took a guided tour of the western half of the city including the Castle Palace.

Castle guards. You can punch them in the face and they're not allowed to move.

The entire hostel system is great for early 20 something city hoppers. Dorm style rooms and bar/common areas make it absurdly easy to make friends. I feel like an amateur only staying for 3 weeks. I've met people from all over traveling Europe for as long as 4 months. Aussies are the most populous bunch, but there are many kids from all over Europe, all speaking amazing English (except the French).

I met two awesome girls from Chile, Dani and Maca. A Swiss guy staying in our room the second night left Dani a weird little present.

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